12 Steps To Evaluate eProcurement Submissions – Part 3

12 Steps To Evaluate eProcurement Submissions – Part 3

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about the best ways to quantify and qualify your eProcurement submissions to make the task of sorting through these bids that much simpler. Today we are going to look at our next 3 steps for part 3 or 4.

7). Know The Product Evaluation

When evaluating a product or any type of manufacturer, you will want to have a set guideline to follow in order to have the same level of consistency across the board of what you want in your outsourced provider. Here are a few ares you should evaluate on every proposal:

  • Product Design
  • Quality of the Product
  • Warranty
  • Lead Times
  • Manufacturer Facilities
  • Production Capacity
  • Technical Capability

Now of course you may have even more items to check off of your list when you are looking at the potential provider, but make sure these are on your eprocurement form to check for everyone.

8). Evaluate The Services

Much like in number 7, you will want to have a strict guideline of what you are evaluating as well when it comes to services. Through the eprocurement process, make sure that these areas are evaluated:

  • Solution Offered
  • Quality of Service (Previous Reviews and History)
  • Service Restrictions
  • Operational Controls

Knowing exactly what you are getting from the service provider can make or break the entire transaction. Before we spoke about not letting the money factor sway your vote. Having these in place will let you get exactly what you want and help you to retrieve the highest ROI from using this e-sourcing tool.

9). Decide On The Most Important Elements

When looking at any service provider to outsource your project to, or to purchase items from, you will want to have a bullet proof list of the elements that are most important and vital to the company. As many departments will be looking at this provider, we want to make sure that every person can evaluate the same way. If quality of the product is the highest element to this purchase, let that be known. If quality, lead time and least risk are crucial to the success, then you will know not to pick a supplier that does not meet these standards. The eprocurement software is there to make your life easier when finding a bidder than works the best for you, but without these in place you will lose money on the deal from lost time and spent revenue.

Come back early next week as ProRFx goes over the final 3 tips to evaluate suppliers in your eprocurement process. Having a set strategy will help you out time wise as well as on the bottom line. Remember to check out some of our recent blogs as well to learn even more about our e-sourcing tool!

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