3 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Procurement

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Procurement

In Sigi Osagie’s book, “Procurement Mojo: Strengthening The Function and Raising its Profiles”, Osagie describes the kind of “mojo” that’s essential for online procurement professionals to be successful on the job.

According to Osagie, online procurement requires these five steps:

1) Build a successful procurement organization

2) Deploy fit-for-purpose enablers

3) Adopt robust supply base management

4) Apply appropriate performance frameworks

5) Build your procurement brand

Osagie states, “Leadership is the single most important factor affecting people’s motivation and performance at work. It’s the glue that binds everything else together.” Do you want to be a great procurement leader with awesome mojo? Here are three ways online procurement professionals can strengthen their mojo and become successful leaders in their field.

1. Keep current with training.

It’s important to keep up with industry trends and brush up on your procurement skills on a regular basis. You can do this by joining a webinar, following industry blogs and websites, or joining an online community of fellow online procurement professionals.

2. Expand your network.

Connect with other procurement professionals to learn about things that have made their procurement brand successful. LinkedIn is a great social media site that can help you do this.

3. Inspire your employees.

If you attend a conference or webinar, tell your employees about it! Share what you learned, as well as valuable lessons and best practices. Your team will mostly likely feel inspired and excited about using those learning’s to drive internal initiatives.

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