How Safe Is eSourcing on Cloud Based Software?

How Safe Is eSourcing on Cloud Based Software?

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where your sending your friends Facebook messages or emails, but yet you haven’t been online for days because you can not log into your account. According to a 2008 report about security threats, every 5 seconds one website is hacked. Now that was 7 years ago, so you can only wonder Most websites are a concern when it comes to security risks so there is no guarantee that your account will remain safe. So would it be safe to use a cloud-based purchase order software?

Understanding the Risks

While all decisions you make have risks, you must understand what kind of risks you might be faced with when dealing with an esourcing purchase order software.

Phishing: Phishing involves posing as a legitimate company by having a similar website to compel users to log in to the website. Usually, you receive an e-mail saying that your account has been hacked and that you need to change your password by clicking the provided link. By pressing this link, your login information is captured.

Hacking: Hacking involves using a computer or phone to gain unauthorized access to your private information.

Viruses and Malware: Every time that you use the purchase order software, viruses and malware can take advantage of security gaps so that problems arise within the software, the purchase process, or engage in outgoing messages.

Going Beyond the Fear

However, all of these risks should not stop you from investing in cloud based esourcing purchase order software commander le cialis.

As long as you’re purchasing the software from a reputable vendor,  changing passwords regularly, monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity and by running tests on the software. This is where ProRFx can help. Our system is ready to take your business to the next level with your eSourcing and can help you to secure your bids and purchases as well. Contact ProRFx today to see how we can help out with your eProcurement.

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