Scandals Proves Why eSourcing Is A Necessity

Scandals Proves Why eSourcing Is A Necessity

eSourcing is slowly becoming a more mainstream must have in all business industries as 2015 begins to take shape. After these recent identity thefts as well, it’s becoming more of a necessity to not have all of your information in excel files any more. The best and most safest way right now to keep all of your clients information safe looks to be through eSourcing tools.

Identity theft is a large concern these days with around 15 million people becoming victims of the crime each year. If you’re one of the unlucky ones – you know that identity theft can be extremely expensive! Each year, identity theft cases can total up to $50 billion in damages, according to

With these concerns constantly increasing, it’s no surprise that employees for a large entertainment organization are upset that hackers found pay rates, social security numbers, and addresses for more than 47,000 people. The global organization made a classic mistake.

The company was storing employee information and contracts in basic spreadsheets on corporate computers. That sort of process is dangerous. Using a contract management solution helps keep your contracts safe, secure, and searchable.

Companies such as ProRFx bring huge value to our customers, especially for situations where Human Resource groups can better store and protect talent agreements and employee contracts.

In addition, most enterprise CLM solutions provide role-based access to ensure that only approved people see the contracts. Role-based security is a huge benefit of a CLM solution.

eSourcing solutions can not only help you to save money in the short and long term from your projects, but can help to keep you safe from these online hackers. It seems that in 2015 any hacker can get in to any piece of information they want and the longer you keep your information stored in an unsafe manor, the more likely you are to lose everything.

Contact ProRFx today and see just how our esourcing tools can help to keep you safe and sound from these potentially issues achat cialis 20mg.

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