What Is e-Sourcing and How Can It Help Our Business?

e-Sourcing from ProRFXWhat is e-Sourcing?

Looking to conduct negotiations but are not positive where to begin? E-Sourcing with ProRFX may be the answer to all of your questions. As a web-based system, you can expect crystal clear communication, with a higher profitability through this coveted business tool.

What can we expect from utilizing e-Sourcing from ProRFX?

In addition to being a time-saving amenity that all companies are now looking toward, you will enjoy the simplicity of the design and format for submitting bids via our online tool. As e-Sourcing begins to become a business known name across the country, the use of a more expedited evaluation process, along with a transparent negotiations, this system is on the cutting-edge of what you want and expect from e-procurement. Of course, the largest benefit that the ProRFX design implementation is the availability to compete for business globally. Expand your company worldwide with the simplicity and ease of the transaction with this bidding type program.

What e-Sourcing Terminology should we know?

RFI (Request for Information) – An e-Sourcing practice in which information is collected from various suppliers on their products or capabilities.

RFP (Request for Proposal) – A bidding type solicitation made by a company looking to utilize e-procurement, in which the suppliers would then in turn submit a proposal.

RFQ (Request for Quotation) – Used primarily with the bidders when price is the main driving force behind the RFP, and additional information is not necessarily need.

E-Procurement – The exchange or sale of services either business to business, business to consumer, or business to government via the internet.

Tendering – Also known as procurement, is the adding on of services, work or goods via an outside vendor over the internet.

For even more information on our e-Sourcing system, please visit ProRFX and feel free to contact us for additional aspects on how you can take your business worldwide with our newest system.

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