e-Sourcing Strategies to Avoid from ProRFX: Number 3

Recently we spoke about the issues that many businesses have with not having some direct way to quantify e-sourcing results. We also touched base on why it is extremely pertinent to have communication with your e-procurement supplier in order to hit every return on investment you are looking to capture. With all of this being said, overlooking a simple contract […]

e-Sourcing Strategies to Avoid from ProRFX

Looking at new faster routes to streamline your e-sourcing? Procurement is not a small time task by any means. When you are looking to minimize any risk that may be involved, while still effectively increasing efficiency, the projected outcome can be a daunting and exhausting one to reach. As we see global e-sourcing as the new normal in the business […]

What Is e-Sourcing and How Can It Help Our Business?

What is e-Sourcing? Looking to conduct negotiations but are not positive where to begin? E-Sourcing with ProRFX may be the answer to all of your questions. As a web-based system, you can expect crystal clear communication, with a higher profitability through this coveted business tool. What can we expect from utilizing e-Sourcing from ProRFX? In addition to being a time-saving […]