RFx Factories: Luxury or Necessity?

RFx Factories: Luxury or Necessity? RFx factories are virtual support teams that configure and manage eSourcing events for corporate buyers. Outsourcing these activities to service providers is standard practice amongst large corporations. Although the hassle-free access to skilled workers and reduced labor cost is attractive, there are some challenges to overcome as well. Are RFx factories luxury or a necessity? […]

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Procurement

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Procurement In Sigi Osagie’s book, “Procurement Mojo: Strengthening The Function and Raising its Profiles”, Osagie describes the kind of “mojo” that’s essential for online procurement professionals to be successful on the job. According to Osagie, online procurement requires these five steps: 1) Build a successful procurement organization 2) Deploy fit-for-purpose enablers 3) Adopt robust supply base management […]

4 Tips For A Better eProcurement Team

4 Tips For A Better eProcurement Team Being an eProcurement team is hard work. It requires extensive strategizing, constantly figuring out how to do more with less, and undergoing heavy pressure to deliver positive results. In this way, acting as a procurement professional is incredibly similar to the life of a professional football player. Competition is cutthroat, teams are constantly […]

3 Reasons To Tune Up Your eProcurement Strategy

3 Reasons To Tune Up Your eProcurement Strategy Do you ever get the feeling that even though your eprocurement strategy is doing just fine, your organization has adopted usage and you’re saving bundles of cash; that if you made a few small tweaks you could really perform to your e-sourcing tools highest potential? Let’s take a look at what could potentially […]