E-Sourcing Strategy To Avoid From ProRFX: Number 4

Our top four e-sourcing strategies to avoid are coming to an end. Over the past week we have gone through some of the best ways to work around issues that plague the e-procurement process with tips and tricks that we have picked up over the year. Of course we have spoken about having directly communication with the supplier, putting a strong emphasis on the e-sourcing results and maintaining a strict contract that is lawyer approved. Finally, the last issue to avoid for a smooth transition within your e-sourcing process is the elimination of any and all in-house inefficiencies.

4). In-House e-Sourcing Inefficiency Issues

We all know that on the supplier side of the transaction, there are items that are ultimately out of our control when it comes to delays and services/ products being shipped and delivered post the original date. That is more or less an outside operation. The in-house process needs to be a well oiled machine in which everything occurs on our before the dates that are specified to keep your return on investment high. With an inefficient internal e-procurement process, you will ultimately be limiting your companies overall time table of when you need the goods and services. As everyone knows, time is money, and by allowing this small problem to escalate could in fact cost you more than you factored in to the original equation.

By utilizing some of the e-sourcing tools readily available from ProRFX, you can determine which company will work the best with the solution you are looking to obtain, while streamlining the request for procurement, request for quote or request for information part of the transaction. Any RFX management software will help unify the documents and approvals for a relatively smooth transaction. The more that you have ready to go in house, the easier the transition with the supplier will be. Without these documents in hand, the e-sourcing process will take a drastic step back costing you more than time and money.

With ProRFX, you can utilize our e-sourcing tool to allow you to find the supplier that best fits your companies overall wants and needs. Contact ProRFX today to see how our solution can help take your business to the next level. As companies are starting to work globally, e-sourcing is becoming more and more known through the business world. As long as you avoid these four issues during the process, you should enjoy a pain free process.

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