What Drives The E-Sourcing Process?

What Drives The E-Sourcing Process? Supply chain businesses all have the exact same goal in mind, have as much inventory on hand as possible, but do not get stuck with that inventory for long periods of time. Now everyone will also state that this is much easier said than done, but with supply chains businesses utilizing e-sourcing to develop relationship […]

How Are E-Sourcing Tools Changing The American Supply Chain?

How Are E-Sourcing Tools Changing The American Supply Chain? When utilizing an e-sourcing tool to conduct business over seas, the more information that you have on the systems in place the better. The United States manufacturing industry is seeing severe changes these days as re-shoring is becoming a well known necessity. The economic forces  that companies are seeing are allowing […]

e-Sourcing Strategies to Avoid from ProRFX: Number 3

Recently we spoke about the issues that many businesses have with not having some direct way to quantify e-sourcing results. We also touched base on why it is extremely pertinent to have communication with your e-procurement supplier in order to hit every return on investment you are looking to capture. With all of this being said, overlooking a simple contract […]

e-Sourcing Strategies to Avoid from ProRFX

Looking at new faster routes to streamline your e-sourcing? Procurement is not a small time task by any means. When you are looking to minimize any risk that may be involved, while still effectively increasing efficiency, the projected outcome can be a daunting and exhausting one to reach. As we see global e-sourcing as the new normal in the business […]

What Is e-Sourcing and How Can It Help Our Business?

What is e-Sourcing? Looking to conduct negotiations but are not positive where to begin? E-Sourcing with ProRFX may be the answer to all of your questions. As a web-based system, you can expect crystal clear communication, with a higher profitability through this coveted business tool. What can we expect from utilizing e-Sourcing from ProRFX? In addition to being a time-saving […]